Give 100% to your dream

A person once asked me, ‘why it is so that even after having clarity in my dream and after much effort I am not realizing my dream?’
What I explained to him, am sharing with you. Having clarity in the dream is the beginning of the achievement process. But you need to give your 100% to make your dream true. I, myself, have made an effort for many years for my dreams but in vain. However, the result started pouring in once I gave my 100% to the cause. Remember, when it comes to realizing your dreams it requires wholehearted effort. There should not be any ambiguity in it. There should not be any doubt. Your belief level should be 100% that you will get the result you are striving for. And your belief level will be intact if it is backed by wholehearted effort.
          I always say that success is realizing your dreams is based on a simple act. What makes success difficult? You will agree with me or when you will work on your dream you will realize that simple is not easy. Doing the simple and improvising in the act consistently and persistently make success difficult.
            For example, you can be among the top experts in your field provided you give time for the cause for 2-5 years, enhancing your knowledge, improving skills and applying that knowledge and skill in your field. Is it so difficult? I don’t think so.
But how can one do that? If a person, even if he or she doesn’t have any formal education in the field in which he wants to be an expert, gives at least two hours daily to read books, periodicals, research papers, attend seminars, videos; he or she shall be astonished by the improvement in his or her knowledge. What one needs is to give at least two hours each and every day irrespective of external circumstances of his or her life.
            Therefore, adopt simple rules for success, have clarity of your dream and give your 100% to it. Learn the nuances of your trade or field. Repeatedly take simple actions. You soon will get the desired result and will be realizing your dreams.
Keep growing.


  1. I am extraordinarily affected beside your writing talents, Thanks for this nice share.


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