This one thing can make you rich and prosperous

The other day while interacting with one of the young officers of a corporate world an interesting incident happened. It is not uncommon that I meet many people in the job who show a keen interest in entrepreneurship. They want to become an entrepreneur but for the one or the other reason, they don’t venture into business.
So, this young fellow told me that he had many good ideas for business. Then I could remember that I met some of the brightest men or women who were doing very well in their job and they wanted to start their own ventures. Most of them told me that they had many good ideas. Probably, this is the problem. People having many ideas landed in not working in any of the idea. As Napolean Hill writes in his book think and grow rich that ‘one sound idea is all one needs to achieve success.’  
I always emphasis getting success is simple. This I could learn and realize after I underwent many failures in life, though these failures helped to become successful.
What one needs is to find out his or her dream, make it his or her goal by putting a deadline. And work daily to be expert in that field. This is as simple as that. But this is not as easy as that. It is difficult to keep the motivation level where one can work tirelessly for months together if not years.
You can take the example of successful persons from any field. Whether it is sports, artist, businessmen, authors etc. they all do one thing, they work consistently to take their knowledge and skill to such a level that they become expert in their filed. And when they perform or do their job they do it with such ease and expertise that the people who watch them perceive, as if they are seeing some magical performance. And that’s why they are professional. This is the thing which makes them different not only from amateurs but also from other professionals.
So, you don’t need many ideas to succeed. All you need to get rich, prosperous and successful is to find out one sound idea and execute that idea wholeheartedly.
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