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A Writer's Promise

They say you need talent, creativity and imagination to be a writer. I say, ‘I don’t have any of these qualities. So, shall I stop dreaming of becoming a writer?’ Then, I also read that hard work can beat talent. Yes, I am not talented. Creativity and imagination I have or not, I am not sure. However, I know one thing, that I can write every day, each day 500 words. It is not me but most of the writers who believe that to be a writer you need to write consistently. I might not have the creativity and imagination to keep on moving. But I do have my experiences with me. And I also know if I write my experiences, my writing material will never dry. As each day, I will be adding some more to my experiences. Won’t I? Imagination is ignited by the experiences. So, I will be imaginative. Imagination broods creativity. So, I will be creative. I don’t need a list of things what to write and how to write. I just need s strong why. Why do I want to write? I know my WH

Boost Your Belief System to Make Dream A Reality

When God gives us dreams, He also gives us the power to accomplish or live those dreams. Then why it is so that we fail to realize our dreams. There are many reasons. However, the single most important reason is the lack of clarity in what we want. That I have already covered in my earlier blog.  Why do we fail to take action or timely action? It is because we don’t believe in ourselves and our ability to accomplish those dreams. Else, why it is so that we take years together to reduce the extra weight that we carry for so many years. But, when we start reducing it, we do it in 4 or 6 months. Why do we fail to write a book, we have been thinking and planning for years? Writing a book hardly takes 3-4 months or maybe 6 months. Then, why do we postpone it for years together? And unfortunately, we look into the past with regret. This is applicable to any dream we want to accomplish. Whether it is finishing a marathon, travelling, making youtube videos, getting studies completed, gett

First Be and Then Have

In the process of achievement, we tend to overlook some of the basic questions. When we make a list of goals-desires/dreams with deadlines-we must keep in mind the order. What do we want to be? What do we want to do? What do we want to have? In one of my classes a student expressed her desire, ‘I want to be a bestselling writer?’ Now, she wants to achieve a goal that tags her as a bestseller writer. The number one the thing she will have to do is to think and feel that she has all the ingredients in her that are required to be a best seller. The process of achievement starts with the thought process. All the changes happen inside first then only outside change will take place. Number two: learn about the bestseller writer, what is their daily routine, what they do daily? How do they develop the habit of writing?     Stick to the routine until you achieve your goal. It sounds simple. Isn’t it? Of course, it is simple. You might ask this question, ‘if it is so si

Single most Important reason to be successful

I am coming back after a long gap. As I have set different priorities for this current year of 2020. I love goal setting and accomplishing those goals. I am 44 years old now, though I have been a student of the subject-personal growth and development, for the last many years. I applied these goal setting and achievement process and many areas of my life. Some of the goal I set I failed to achieve and some of the goals I have achieved. Applying these goals setting process, I learnt many things that I have mentioned in my maiden book-the process of achievement. In fact, I learnt the process by making many mistakes in life. I am thankful to God. He has been very generous in forgiving my mistakes and giving many other opportunities that were much closer to my heart. In fact, I feel those failures in my life were necessary to find out what exactly was my calling. With all these experiences, I am in an opinion that a person should be open-minded and he or she should not hesitate rather s