A Writer's Promise

They say you need talent, creativity and imagination to be a writer.
I say, ‘I don’t have any of these qualities. So, shall I stop dreaming of becoming a writer?’
Then, I also read that hard work can beat talent.
Yes, I am not talented. Creativity and imagination I have or not, I am not sure.
However, I know one thing, that I can write every day, each day 500 words.
It is not me but most of the writers who believe that to be a writer you need to write consistently.
I might not have the creativity and imagination to keep on moving.
But I do have my experiences with me. And I also know if I write my experiences, my writing material will never dry.
As each day, I will be adding some more to my experiences. Won’t I?
Imagination is ignited by the experiences. So, I will be imaginative.
Imagination broods creativity. So, I will be creative.
I don’t need a list of things what to write and how to write.
I just need s strong why. Why do I want to write?
I know my WHY well.
Now, it is my major goal, other goals will wait.
I patted on my back, as I can go no longer sans writing.
I am a writer; I keep on writing every day, each day. That’s it.
What others believe, I don’t know and I don’t care.
But I am moving ahead with my own pace.
I am moving with 500 words every day, each day.      


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