Boost Your Belief System to Make Dream A Reality

When God gives us dreams, He also gives us the power to accomplish or live those dreams. Then why it is so that we fail to realize our dreams. There are many reasons. However, the single most important reason is the lack of clarity in what we want. That I have already covered in my earlier blog. 
Why do we fail to take action or timely action? It is because we don’t believe in ourselves and our ability to accomplish those dreams. Else, why it is so that we take years together to reduce the extra weight that we carry for so many years. But, when we start reducing it, we do it in 4 or 6 months. Why do we fail to write a book, we have been thinking and planning for years? Writing a book hardly takes 3-4 months or maybe 6 months. Then, why do we postpone it for years together? And unfortunately, we look into the past with regret. This is applicable to any dream we want to accomplish. Whether it is finishing a marathon, travelling, making youtube videos, getting studies completed, getting financial freedom or whatever it is.
We have all the abilities to accomplish our dreams or to enhance our abilities to such a level that we can easily accomplish our wildest dream.
Our accomplishment is dependent on our deliberate, consistent daily action. However, we don’t take action because of our belief system. Until we believe that our action is not futile, not a waste of time, but essential for making our dream a reality and our action will definitely bring the result, we are not going to take action.
So, what are the factors that shape our belief system? Understanding of these factors will help us to work on our belief system, and ultimately, to make our dream a reality.
1.     Gratitude: Thanksgiving to God for whatever positive and good things that have happened and have been happening to you is an incredible way to boost belief system.
2.     Association: Association is one of the greatest influencers in the development of a belief system. Always associate with positive people. Negative people are energy suckers. It is better to live in solitude than living with negative people. if you at all happen to associate with energy suckers because of your professional commitment, then detoxify yourself. You can detoxify by reading good books, listening to music you love, doing something creative like painting, writing.  
3.     Books: Read good books. Reading books is giving feed to your mind. So, it is important what kind of book you are reading. if you find reading boring, then I must tell you your 15-16 years of school and college is of no use. There is no difference between a person who knows reading but doesn’t read and a person who doesn’t know reading. Both are on the same platform.
4.     Block negative information: Stop watching negative news on television/you tubes and stop reading negative news. You have the ability to judge whether your dream is a priority or watching TV/reading newspaper.
5.     Self-talk: Words have an amazing effect on our mind. It becomes more important when it comes from our conscious to the subconscious mind. We must, therefore, talk positive words and sentences to ourselves. Day in day out. So, watch out what you talk to yourself. Whenever negative thoughts come into mind, say loudly, ‘No’. Watch out how many times you say No in a day. Watch out for a few days, and then positive thoughts will become a habit.  
The list is not exhaustive; there may be many ways to enhance your belief level. Our whole purpose of doing all these exercise or activity is to make our mind believe that whatever dream we are dreaming is possible to make true if we take action.


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