First Be and Then Have

In the process of achievement, we tend to overlook some of the basic questions. When we make a list of goals-desires/dreams with deadlines-we must keep in mind the order.
What do we want to be?
What do we want to do?
What do we want to have?
In one of my classes a student expressed her desire, ‘I want to be a bestselling writer?’
Now, she wants to achieve a goal that tags her as a bestseller writer.
The number one the thing she will have to do is to think and feel that she has all the ingredients in her that are required to be a best seller. The process of achievement starts with the thought process. All the changes happen inside first then only outside change will take place.
Number two: learn about the bestseller writer, what is their daily routine, what they do daily? How do they develop the habit of writing?  
 Stick to the routine until you achieve your goal.
It sounds simple. Isn’t it? Of course, it is simple.
You might ask this question, ‘if it is so simple why do most people fail to achieve their dream?’
Yes, it is simple but it is not easy. Doing what is essential to achieve your goal is easy for doing one or two days, one or two weeks, one or two months, but practising/doing it for years together with a focused approach, patiently without having any sign of getting the result, with many ups and downs in life is not easy. This is the differential factor.
Life is simple so is the achievement process. Keep it simple and keep growing.  


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