Don’t feel embarrassed on your failure

We all have dreams, some have big and some have small, but all have dreams. Our destiny is determined by what we do with our dreams, whether we go after it to make it true or we don’t follow it blaming the outer circumstances. We Claim that our situations are different from others. We make a hell lot of excuses why we can’t make an effort to live our dreams.

There may be many reasons for not living our dreams, and one of the chief reasons is feeling embarrassed for not achieving what we set out and declare to achieve. What people will say if I fail? In our childhood days, we are trained to feel embarrassed about our failure.

We heard sentences umpteen times by the time we are grown, ‘all your friends will laugh if you fail.’ ‘Don’t you feel shame on your failure?’

Over a period of time we start believing that failure is embarrassing. And it is natural to feel embarrassed about failures. It becomes so deeply embedded in our subconscious that we fail to realize that with this thought we have thrown away the very basis of realizing any big dreams. The fundamental of attempting to do something that is important for any accomplishment.  

Embarrassment on failure must not be for those who attempt and strive to make their dream true. In fact, the people who never attempt to make their dream true should feel embarrassed. It should be for those who are fearful, for those who never strive to make their dream true, for those who don’t run after their dreams. These are the people who couldn’t understand what exactly their dreams are and why are they important. Then they will start behaving that they have all the knowledge and wisdom of a lifetime.

Ironically, we feel embarrassed about our failure for those people, the people who don't and shouldn't matter to us.   

Therefore, friends, it is very important to understand why our dreams are important, and why must make efforts, failure after failure, without feeling embarrassed. Lives of all great men of history have the same stories of repeated failures.

          We must train our mind to accept failure with pride and we should see other’s failure            with dignity. 


  1. An attempt can't be measured with its outcome hence failure is just a mindset. Very motivating write-up, Kumar!

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